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the kittycats

Here are some things you might want to know:

The cats only like to sit close together occasionally. I guess they have to be in the right mood. The pattern often goes like this: one of them sits somewhere nice. Somewhere nice might be my lap, the papasan chair, or the couch. Or the right-hand top corner of my bed. The other one will sit somewhere else... and then eventually decide that she wants to sit where the first one is sitting. She'll jump up there (although Isabel's approximation of a jump is pretty pathetic) and just sit down. The other one will get up and leave resentfully.

Isabel always gets to eat first. Darling waits.

They can tolerate the other one sitting on the back of the couch at the same time, but usually they face in different directions.

Isabel spends all day in the winter lying on my bed. I usually have one of my big down pillows under all the covers, and she curls up on top of the covers on top of the pillow. It's about 5 degrees colder in the bedroom than in the living room, but I guess she really likes the pillows.

Darling wants to sit on my lap almost all the time and is sort of pathetically sad if I don't want her in my lap -- which is only when I'm using the computer. She'll jump up, I'll push her away, she'll jump up, I'll push her away... We'll repeat this maybe five or six times before she gets the idea.

Isabel loves catnip; Darling is not particularly interested.

Darling sometimes does a little stretch where she crosses her paws over her chest and squeezes.

Isabel sometimes tucks her nose under her paws or her tail.

Every time Isabel wants to jump onto the couch, she sits and stares at it for thirty seconds or so, gathering her courage to jump up. She couldn't jump much higher than the couch or the bed. Normal cats can jump to shoulder-height or so. Darling can jump to table tops, if she goes via a chair. Isabel can, but doesn't often; I think it scares her.

That scene in Shrek 2 where Puss In Boots makes his eyes all big? Isabel does that constantly.

When I come home, Darling comes to the door to greet me. Isabel stays on the bed. I go in to greet her and she stretches and says "meep" or "mrowr" and rolls over on her back so her tummy is up in the air. She then squirms around until I pet her. She is fairly irresistible when she does this.

I maintain that Zeb's first word was "ittykat." No one else believes this. Before he could talk, he learned some signs -- "milk," "all done," things like that. He also picked up the sign for "kitty come here," which is pat-pat-pat on the couch next to you. His pat-pat-pat was always rather more energetic than the cats liked, and I don't think they came when he called them. I'm not sure about now, though; they've probably learned that he is another person-who-can-pet-cats, so when they want love (which is pretty much always) they probably go to Zeb.

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