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I miss my mac.

I miss my mac. Since it started going flaky this summer, I've been using this Toshiba Tablet PC as my everyday, everywhere communications device. I just hate how its rules for powering up are different depending on whether it's plugged in, or not, or how long I've let it sit without using it. I open it up and I have to give it a few seconds to see if it's going to wake up on its own, or if I'm going to have to hit the power button. If I hit the power button when its already waking up, it might reboot. Or it might not. And then it might get on my wireless network, or I might have to wait a while, or I might have to go hit the connect button manually. And for all this, it doesn't have an integrated cd/dvd drive, even though it's barely lighter than my powerbook. And the built-in speakers suck.

Please, Apple repair gods, put my mac back together and make it wonderful again. I wonder if they'll just replace the entire machine... probably not though. Just please fix it properly.

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