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they didn't *lose* my computer

Well, my computer isn't lost. The technicans at the Brown Bookstore have it. Nooooo!
Let me explain this slowly:
there is a hardware problem. Not a software problem. A problem with the hard drive and/or the PMU. It's covered by AppleCare. When I dropped it off, I said, "Please send this to Apple for me so Apple can service it." And they said "okay."
So today I'm on the phone and I'm explaining that I brought it to the Brown Computer Store to be shipped to Apple for repairs, and the guy says, "Why didn't you just ship it to Apple yourself then?" Arrrg. Because the Brown Computer Store is a Licensed Apple Reseller and will ship it to Apple for free and in good packaging, whereas I don't have any packaging in which to ship it, and it would cost me a lot of money. Arg. They claim to be an Apple Authorized Service Location, but jesus: they have so far failed to order my computer succesfully, or to process a simple return to manufacturerr for me. I don't trust fuck-all that they do to my computer. As far as I'm concerened, it's a pile of metal and silicon until Apple themselves check it out, fix it, and bless it.
Have I mentioned that I'm angry about this?

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