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release excitement

Release excitement is starting again, on the OpenLaszlo front. We're working towards Legals-PR4, which means preview release 4 of the multiple-runtimes platform. We're simultaneously working towards 3.4, which adds video, CSS, and many charting & graphing bug fixes to lps-3.3.3. And I'm playing my favorite role, working on a demo application to show off the technology. Watch this space... in a week or so I'll have some hot stuff to show off. Just imagine it... you write a RIA in lzx, and with the flip of a switch, it runs in DHTML and in the flash player. A real application, I'm talking about, here. I love this part of the project cycle, when people from different efforts come together towards a common goal. I'm working with these masterminds who seem to be able to take any weird thing I throw at them and come back with a workaround in a few hours. It's a good day when I come home from work and can't wait to plug my machine in and start getting back into it. And I know that I will wake to an inbox full of expert discourse on dynamic language and library design. I love working at this company.

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