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tuesday is tools day

Today is a big demo day for Open Laszlo at Ajax World. where we're showing off more progress on our multiple runtimes infrastructure. I've been heads-down crunch-mode working on demo apps for a week, so I think today might be tools day. A few months ago I rebuilt our nightly build system, and by now it's become clear that it's really a build-on-demand system. The turnaround from checking in a bug fix to running an official build on a qa machine could be about a third what it takes now, if I parallelize it. The build is already distributed onto three machines and three OS's, but it runs those three builds serially. Worse, it doesn't even parallelize pushing the distros from build machines to distribution machines. I can improve this a lot, pretty easily. It doesn't feel as <em>urgent</em> as fixing bugs in demos or tracking down bugs in the DHTML kernel, but I think it might actually be more <em>important</em>. Saving thirty minutes each time we're waiting for an official build adds up to real time, especially with some big releases coming up. Time is more precious when preparing for a release, so saving time in the release process saves extra-special time. I've convinced myself, so, it looks like tuesday is tools day for me.

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