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How not to get a job over the internet

I posted in craigslist looking for someone to clean my apartment after I move all my stuff out. I liked a message from this one student; he seemed pretty clueful, and was a student. I wrote back to him with the intelligence screening (in the previous blog post) but I haven't heard back. I just noticed the subject line in his email to me:
"responce to your job add."

Sorry, no. Misspelling two words in the five-line subject of a response to a job ad is not the way to demonstrate your acumen.

Mistakes of previous professional cleaners:

  • Leaving the windows of my seventh-floor apartment wide open. I have two cats, and the windows don't have screens.

  • Sweeping the floor near the cat food, then putting the dirt from the floor into the cats' dish.

  • Using windex on a brand new (two days old!) 19" CRT monitor with an antiglare finish. Goodbye, antiglare finish.

  • Getting trapped in the bedroom by closing the door and pulling the doorknob off, then not being able to put it back in.

  • Putting my eyeglasses into a mug along with a dozen pens.

Now, is there anyone who can spell who'd like to clean my apartment for a few extra bucks?

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