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george w. bush is stupid

George W. Bush is stupid... or at least, he has some serious problems with verbal communication. I'm watching him give a live news conference -- I don't have a transcript yet, but if I do misquote him, the misquoting still accurately represents his errors.

Re Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal: "We've investigated each of the detainees..." How about investigating each of the claims of abuse? And, "[the detainees are] men who've been trained to dissassemble. That means to lie." Sorry, George, "to dissemble" is to deceive, and "to disassemble" is to take something apart. You're almost right.

I love this one: "For almost a decade, the United States hasn't had an energy policy." Wait, George, weren't you president for five of those years? And wasn't your party in the majority in congress? So whose fault is it that there's been no sensible energy policy? Really hard to blame the radical left for that one. Oh, I see, the point of this speech is to wave his fist at congress because they're not completely bending over to do absolutely everything he wants.

There were more, and I'm sure we'll be seeing them on the blogs soon enough. For a comparison of intelligence requirements, I'm trying to find someone to clean my house for money, a professional move-out cleaning. I'm asking candidates to answer a quick intelligence screening, because in the past some cleaners have made some really stupid mistakes, like using windex on a brand new monitor with an antiglare coating. So here's the questions I ask:

You can tell whether it's safe to unplug something plug by...

Clean computers and electronics with...

If we're not careful, cats might...
a) run out open doors
b) fall out open windows
c) start a fire
d) exert mind control on their owners

Business cards and receipts piled on the floor in a corner are probably...
a) garbage
b) recycling
c) precious
d) no idea, so i'd better save them

Pick the right word... "Gee, this diet must be working, because my
pants are really (a) loose. (b) lose."

I ask you -- could George W. Bush have answered each of those questions correctly? If he can, please send him to Providence; I need to hire some unskilled labor.

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