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the genius bar

I'm getting psyched for another experience with Apple customer service, namely, the Genius Bar. I made a reservation this morning to go by the CambridgeSide store this afternoon, and then a certified Genius will help me and my poor little mac. At best, they'll sell me a screwdriver with which I can open the case myself and re-seat the airport card and optical drive; at worst, they'll take it in for service right there.

I realized that I'm not going to be able to afford a new mac for a long long time, but also that it's not acceptable that the c key on my keyboard is stuck, there's effectively no cd/dvd drive, and no wifi. At the same time, a co-worker pointed out yesterday that when I leave Brown, they might want the superpowered laptop and tablet PC back, leaving me with only the powerbook. Trying to get a computer job with a malfunctioning/decaying computer is just not feasible... so I'm going to invest some time and possibly a tiny bit of money in getting my mac fixed.

It's embarassing to misspell my own name! The sticky "c" key means I keep typing "sasha" instead of "sascha."

So later this afternoon, I'm driving up to CambridgeSide (a mall with much easier parking than Cambridge itself) and then I'll get my very own genius for half an hour. Then, as the timing works out, I'll have to drive back down to Providence in rush hour traffic. If it makes my "c" key work again, it will be worth it.

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just switch to dvorak and you will be missing the "j" instead. :)

4.3.2005 at 02:32 PM | Unregistered Commenterpaul

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