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Dana's research comps!

Dana Tenneson, the Ph.D. candidate who's been doing the heavy lifting on ChemPad, is presenting his researh comps tomorrow morning at 9 at Brown. An ongoing miscommunication about requirements culminated this weekend in Dana believing he has to hand in a paper describing his research at the same time that he presents the research orally, tomorrow morning. He wisely decided to go off communications since yesterday afternoon, so he can just get the work done without distractions. But I wrote to Andy to clarify/beg for clemency, and it turns out that the paper is not due until next week!. I'm trying to get in touch with Dana to let him know that he only has to do the presentation, not the paper, but he's done such an effective job of turtling that he's unreachable. Poor guy; he works so hard and his work is so good, and he gives himself such a hard time over it. Dana, if you're out there, read your email!

I have no idea how Dana's doing the structure determination for ChemPad, but I know it's not easy, and I know that his code is beautiful.

The current version of the ChemPad tutorial looks very nice, if I do say so myself.

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