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roundrectbutton, and the purpose of styles

I've been sort of disliking OpenLaszlo styles since I started using CSS. The <style> tag says "Be greenish!" which is a cool effect, but not much use when I'm trying to match a particular customer's brand, or artist comps. CSS lets me specify exact colors; the <style> tag lets me suggest approximate colors.

But something changed my mind. Yesterday, Oliver Steele contributed a roundrect class to OpenLaszlo. Until then, without a designer and art assets, we had to prototype with plain old rectangular views. The roundrect class inspired a button based on it, roundrectbutton, which I've just checked in to the dev branch, in the incubator. I was trying to make it a well-behavd basecomponent subclass, so I made it handle _applyStyle, so now it's tintable. This makes me happy in a silly sunday morning wannabe designer kind of way.

In the example below, the roundrect buttons are mine; the other widgets are built-in OpenLaszlo components.

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