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how to bring a powerbook g4 to its knees

My powerbook has finally gotten so incredibly slow that I'm resorting to using my linux box as a client. Here's the trick: I'm burning a purchased ten-hour unabridged audible book to audio cd, for personal use. I think the audible DRM policy must only allow this because it's such a fucking pain. I'm on disc 4 of what will probably be 10 or 12, and my mac has been unusable for most of the last hour. I can type into my text editor, but it's like closing my eyes, because the text doesn't appear for at least 30 seconds after I type it. Oh, well, they're only comments.

I'm really enjoying having a few non-stress days to explore and code in Open Laszlo. It's a fast, fun platform for prototyping, and I love that I can just post my work and almost anyone anywhere can see it, pow, with nothing more than Flash 7. It's the total opposite of working with C++ and OpenGL on a custom virtual reality hardware installation. "Sure, I'd love to show you my work, just come to Providence, Rhode Island." Heh. Nope, much easier now.

The question still remains: do I spend some time this week getting up on the learning curve with Objective-C/Cocoa/XCode, or do I leave all my eggs in the OpenLaszlo basket? All things come to an end, eventually, and when my association with Laszlo ends, I don't want to have to go back to C# and .NET, or (heavens no!) middleware.

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