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I've spent the afternoon getting G3D installed on my tablet. G3D is a platform-independent 3D graphics library written in C++ by several Brown grad students. I had fun keeping track of changes to the install process for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 -- the last documentation had been written for Visual C++ 6 and Visual Studio 98.

I must be better at all this than I was a year ago, or maybe this install process was easier than getting InSpace to run on my machine. I spent days and days on that, but I just couldn't get it to go. I gave up when it turned out that I had spent hours trying to compile some obscure package from UNC with Visual Studio .NET. The definitions of C++ had actually changed between when the code was written and when I was trying to compile it, so that effort was a bear. Unfortunately, I let my difficulties working with InSpace keep me out of doing 3D work. Now I just kind of want to do some 3D work, especially 3D work with the GPU: graphics programming unit: hardware dedicated to accelerating 3D graphics math. It's just all so HOT right now.

Enough writing -- it's time to code!

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