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Apple - iMac G5

Apple - iMac G5

Oh nooooo! Now there's something else I have to hold myself back from buying!

It starts at $1299! Probably $1199 educational! And then if I write it off, then it's like it's only $800. Which is... still more than I can afford. Especially now that my amazing brother has fixed my PowerBook G4, literally by looking at it. It was a total brick -- wouldn't boot, wouldn't power off unless I unplugged it, got hot enough to fry an egg on -- then I put it in a suitcase and went to Seattle. Dan plugged it in, opened it, and it came up pretty-as-you-please. I reset the PMU, and it's been a great bedside dvd player ever since. Yep, see, that's the problem with having hardware stop working for a few weeks: I started relying on my tablet pc. At this juncture, at least, the brand-new tablet pc works. It regularly horrifies me, true, but...

Oh my god, the new iMac comes with wireless keyboard and mouse. I know that's nothing new, it's just so... beautiful.

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