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This is just an idea; it might be horrible in some ways.

This year we had the worst hurricane season ever. Last year was the coldest winter in ages, and the year before I think was the snowiest winter in ages. Significant portions of the Antarctic Ice Shelf are falling off and melting into the sea. I'm talking about rapid global climate change. I think it's real, and it's here, and it's just going to get worse.

Eleven countries around the rim of the Indian Ocean are suffering the worst natural disaster ever because of one tsunami: the waters rose quickly, then receded. A tectonic shift caused the earthquate which caused the tsunami, but think about this: the flood waters receded this time. What's going to happen when the water rises, and rises, and doesn't recede for hundreds of thousands of years? It won't be sudden; there will be time to plan for it, but it will be permanent. People won't just be homeless; the actual land they live on will disappear.

Let's use this disaster as a preview of the coming floods. Let's encourage the nations to rebuild at higher elevations, and leave the lowlands for the sea's inevitable encroachment. Most of all, let's use these horrible images to keep up the fight against global warming. A tsunami early warning system won't save us from global warming; we've already got a global warming detection system, and the alarms have been ringing off the hook for twenty years. We ignore them at our peril.

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