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"significant enhancements"

I've been working on migrating Jmol to Microsoft Visual J# so that I can use it in a C# program. I ran into a problem with the javax.vecmath library -- it falls into the set of "technologies with no automatic migration." The Moving Java Applications to .NET instructions include this ridiculous bit of "it's not a bug it's a feature" and generally everything that's wrong with Microsoft's worldview when it comes to Java:

To finish the migration, you replace the unmigrated Java technology with comparable .NET technology. Because .NET provides a richer set of classes than what is available in Java, often you can make some significant enhancements when performing the technology replacement.

*splutters* But I don't want to re-work Jmol to use .NET's vector math library. There's already a perfectly good java vector library that I want to use.

What this *actually* means is that if I want to use vecmath, I have to "upgrade" it to J#. I think it will be worth it for Jmol though -- the whole point of using Jmol is to save me from having to write a complete molecule viewer in Direct3D/C#.

...arg. It turns out to be rather difficult to sane-ify the output of the "upgrade" wizard. And in fact, it seems to upgrade to C# rather than J#. I know C#, so I don't mind that.

I'm still in love with open source. Very much in love.

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Hey Ben, Ritz here.
So were you able to successfully port Jmol to C#?
I want a Jmol viewer control in my C# app to display info about Amino Acids.
So if you've accomplished it, can I have a small tutorial?....And ummm the source?

Thanks for the post,

6.25.2009 at 08:26 PM | Unregistered CommenterRitz

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