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in praise of display calibration

I've been watching tv shows and dvd's on my giant LCD monitor, and wondering why it's so dark and moody and why everyone looks feverish. Somehow I convinced myself that I just shouldn't worry about it -- absolutely ridiculous when the whole point of a giant LCD display is fantastic picture quality. So here's what finally hit me, while I'm snuggled up with the sniffles: maybe calibrating my display would help. Boom! It just so happens that Mac OS X (Leopard baby!) has an expert-mode display calibration that crafts a custom gamma profile from about a dozen data points provided by the most advanced optics on the planet: my eyes.
Now people on Studio 60 have normal skin tone and it doesn't look moody so much as, well, ebullient. Which is exactly what Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme were going for, I'm pretty sure.

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