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get your backstreet boys off my network!

If you're going to use a neighbor's open wifi connection, it's probably not a great idea to share your iTunes library. I opened my network a few days ago because I was having trouble getting my Powerbook G4 online; I couldn't get it to connect using any of the password-based security schemes. I thought I turned on MAC filtering, but the netgear router adminstration page was a bit confusing -- it shows a "Wireless Card Access List" but doesn't actually do MAC address filtering unless you've checked a box above the access list. So I thought I had a closed network, but I was wrong. Fine, I deserve to have neighbors find and share my connection.
And then I launched iTunes and saw "Ernesto's LimeWire Library" under the "shared libraries" tag. (Not really his name.) Bwahhahha! Apparently Ernesto found my open network! I bet he had no idea that he was sharing his music.
I returned to the netgear router admin, actually turned on MAC addr filtering, and bye-bye Ernesto! Whee! Now he's looking around going, damn, what happened to that open wifi?
This is a nice feeling -- I did something kind of mean but I had every right to do it. That is so rare!

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There was a story on NPR about this - a guy was curious to meet the person in his apartmrent building whose songs showed up on his playlist - it was awkward and weird - good story!

1.8.2008 at 01:56 PM | Unregistered Commenterang

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