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doctors with cel phone

Metropolitan Medical Group is the practice I've been looking for. Check this out: I emailed my doctor a question about a prescription yesterday. Nothing urgent. He emailed me back, at midnight on sunday, saying he would call the pharmacy in the morning. The next morning he called me to tell me he had called the pharmacy, and told me to call him back on his cel phone if there were any problems. There was, in fact, a problem -- the pharmacy wanted to fill the wrong dosage -- so I called the doctor back on his cel phone. He answered, he knew exactly the medication and dosage we were talking about, and said he'd call the pharmacy and straighten it out right away.
And then, while I'm composing this entry, the receptionist called me to let me know that the doctor had talked to the pharmacist himself and made sure that the dosage would be correct. This is unheard-of service.
Boutique medicine? Hardly! I pay a yearly fee of $79, and they take my insurance, so it's $20 per visit. They usually have same-day appointments, with a PA if a doctor isn't available, and their office is three blocks from my house. Amazing.

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