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handle with care

This is what happens when LCD monitors are not packed well and not handled gently while shipping.
010607_10531.jpg    010607_10541.jpg
When I went to remove the monitor from the box, the back and base of the monitor were already totally separated from the shiny part of the monitor. This close-up shows the metal pivot arms inside the mega-adjustable stand, apparently ripped in two by a vengeful god.
I also spent 40 minutes on hold with Fry's trying to get permission to bring my bad memory down to the store and do a store credit right then and there. But what I really want is a monitor, not memory.
Well, no, what I really want is time and energy and management buy-in on mavenizing the Open Laszlo build. The monitors and memory and chairs and for that matter eggs and cheese and toast and steaks are all means to an end... and the end to be desired is a rich, complete, solid Open Laszlo framework, adopted by thousands for their RIA needs.

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Why Mavenize? That's one way to make things 10X more complicated...

1.19.2007 at 07:35 AM | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

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