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"It's the FED, you idiot!"

George W. Bush cannot summon the words "the Fed" when asked in a press conference what he thinks about rising interest rates. Check this out:
Q: For the first time in years, interest rates are rising in the U.S., Europe and Japan at the same time. Is this a concern for you? And how much strain are higher interest rates placing on consumers and companies?
THE PRESIDENT: First of all, interest rates are set by an independent organization, which --
Q -- still, are you concerned about that?
THE PRESIDENT: Well, I'm not quite through with my answer yet.
Q I'm sorry.
THE PRESIDENT: I'm kind of stalling for time here. (Laughter.) Interest rates are set by the independent organization. I can only tell you that the economy of the United States looks very strong.
from whitehouse.gov's transcript of today's press conference
It's the FED, you idiot! The Federal Reserve Board. Remember, you just appointed Ben Bernanke to be the Chairman of the Fed six weeks ago? Arrrrg. It's hopeless. Can we impeach him for gross incompetence?

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