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we hate errands

Going to retail stores is soul-sucking, wallet-shrinking, and afternoon-destroying. And yet, I want more memory for my PC right now, and my desk chair has finally reached the point of not just being uncomfortable but actively causing back pain that lasts for hours. Ikea has a chair that I want; I've been chair-shopping for a year and have decided that Ikea's high-end task chair is the best ergonomic option for less than $300. Mail-ordering Ikea is stupid (insane shipping charges), but going there is such a production. I can order from Fry's and get delivery in four days (silly long weekend). Or I could just wait until I want memory enough to be willing to drive there and back. Nope, never happen, it's a 40 minute drive one way. Or I could just plain wait. Wealth comes from not spending money.

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