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tools for porting to openlaszlo 4.0b1

On the Open Laszlo project blog, I describe tools for porting 3.x applications to 4.0b1. I am extremely tickled to report that this has been translated into French and German. The German version even has screengrabs. Thanks to Monsieur Patate and Raju Bitter for the translations. Apparently "Ça plante toujours?" and "Immer noch am kämpfen?" are translations for the conditional at the beginning of step 12.

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Hey Ben,
Do you know any German? Actually I didn't find a proper translation for "Still hosed?" in my dictionary. Just assumed it means something like "still no solution?" or "still fighting?".
Cheers, Raju

12.29.2006 at 05:38 PM | Unregistered Commenterraju

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