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kitty-based ergonomic problems

I'm having a problem with my work-at-home ergonomics. It's getting worse since the IT guys installed a superhot server for me to use from anywhere (so long as I do two hops of ssh tunnels for four ports) so I can do more real work from home, faster. The problem is the kitty. Darling has an oral fixation. She insists on licking my thumb or finger constantly, for hours at a time, whenever I'm around. When I'm getting ready for bed, I have to leave a hand outside the covers or else she'll paw at my face until I give her a bit of finger to nibble on. Which is okay, because I'm sleeping. The problem is programming. My hands are an easy target, so Darling sits on my left wrist and nurses on my right thumb. Sometimes she doesn't do the oral-fixation thing, she just sits across both of my wrists. Darling weighs 16 pounds. If I push her away she nudges around until she can sit down in the same place again. This is an ergonomic problem. I'm pretty sure a sixteen pound weight on my wrists while typing is not ideal. Also it makes it hard to reach for the keypad and the mouse. On the other hand, she keeps my wrists warm.
I'm going to try putting catnip on the easy chair.

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lexi licks everyone all the time, fo hours on end too. i think that is why my skin is always dry and itchy.
~jess :)

2.10.2006 at 11:38 AM | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

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