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tool of the week: colorzilla

Colorzilla, an extension for Firefox (including 1.5), is my favorite tool this week. I just discovered it twenty minutes ago. (Make sense of that, I dare you!)

Install it, restart firefox, then notice the little eyedropper icon in the bottom left corner of the browser window. Control-click on that icon; you get a menu. First go to "Options" and select "Auto Copy: Enabled." Choose your favorite color format from the Auto Copy menu; I like "#FFFFFF".

To sample a color: hit shift-escape, the default eyedropper invocation tool. The cursor changes to a cross. As you move the cursor around the screen, the status bar at the bottom of the window displays configurable information including the hex code of the color you're over. When you're over a color you like, either click on it, or hit shift-escape again.

NOW THE JOY: Go to a text editor and use your favorite keyboard shortcut for paste, command-v, let's say. THE HEX COLOR OF THE PIXEL YOU SAMPLED IS PASTED INTO YOUR TEXT EDITOR.

It gets better. Hit shift-escape to go into yedropper mode. Then hold down shift and click on a color you like. You're still in eyedropper mode! Shift-click on another color, and another. All of the colors you sample are accumulated in the history color palette. Ctrl-click on the eyedropper icon to get the ColorZilla menu; select Color Picker, then go to the Palettes tab. Select History from the drop down. AMAZING: this is a palette of the history of all the colors you've sampled.

One more thing: it works in Flash.

It's not as mac-ish or sexy as xScope but the auto-copy-hex-of-sampled-pixel might be enough to switch me from xscope.

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