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thoughts on laszlo

Ah. I spent much of today talking to some very interesting people at Laszlo:
David Tempkin is the CTO and a co-founder; Sarah Allen is a co-founder and a hardcore programmer; and Scott Evans is a developer. I also met with Jamie Clark, Andrew McClain, and Pablo Kang, but they don't seem to have weblogs. These are really good people. Good people.

I did a little exploration of the Laszlo platform... i made a little rss presentation widget. There's not much to it; it's maybe ten lines of xml, with no error checking... but the technologies just fit together: rss and lzx, the lazlo language.

I'm very, very happy. I've promised myself, and someone else, that I won't make any commitments until Tuesday. The next few weeks are going to be challenging and uncertain, and in some ways I'd like to end the whole process right now by saying "yes! sign me up! put me to work at laszlo!" but I know that would be a short-circuit. Just to make the right decision isn't enough; I need to make the decision rightly.

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