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this weekend is the prepare-portfolio weekend

Screen is done, and that's been occupying most of my weekends since December. I'm working on a grant proposal, but that can wait until Monday. I'm going to teach John Cayley, a cool hypertext poet how to use Java 2D for fine control over the appearance of text in applications for cross-platform deployment -- but that's not until Wednesday. (Yes, I know the effort is probably doomed; not because John's a poet, but because the goal is pixel-perfect rendering on multiple platforms... but we'll see.)

In any case: I have the weekend to my own purposes, and my purposes are this: to press forward with my job search! I've had a few interesting conversations with scientific textbook publishers; since they're starting to do educational software and online services... which I know something about. God, to work at O'Reilly, or Addison-Wesley, or Prentice Hall! Maybe not as a technical writer, but on their tools, their site, on their code examples. O'Reilly!

But I stray from my PURPOSE for this weekend:

  1. Gather ingredients for my portfolio.

  2. Scan things if necessary.
  3. Organize my portfolio. Themes, projects, media, timeline - something that makes sense.
  4. Deploy my portfolio on the web.
  5. Deploy my portfolio as a DVD.

It wouldn't be a weekend if I didn't do some programming, so, I'll probably either learn more about Laszlo, which has a cool, solid approach to authoring rich internet content. They're the creators of the
Behr ColorSmart Colorpicker, which is one of the best things on the web, ever. And I'm very curious to dive into Java 1.5, but I know I'll do better if I only learn one new language/library/application at a time. So this weekend is about focus, and getting things done. It will be such a pleasure to end Sunday night by posting a new version of my portfolio... and so amazing to spend a weekend working only on my own projects!

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