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I want my mac back. So much.

I'm sitting here with my tablet pc and my giant superpowered dell laptop, and I'm yearning for my Mac. It's come to my attention over the last few days that I've been dropping tasks, forgetting to do things that I should do, losing track of appointments... so I want iCal, and StickyBrain. Alas, my mac is currently in a box waiting for DHL to pick it up to send it back to Apple to be repaired, again.

And I'm really tired of not having the perfect html authoring tool. I just want to make something that looks decent and maybe has a few images. Dreamweaver is total overkill. Emacs is a little bit less WYSIWYG than I'd like. I've been using TopStyle which is also overkill; it's a CSS/XHTML/HTML editor, but it gives good previews and decent text editing. I'm very excited to use iWork... but I need my mac. Sigh.

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