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podcasting: technology and content exactly when I needed it!

For the last few days I've been looking for free online spoken-word news and commentary. Sure, I can get lots of This American Life and All Things Considered as windows media or real audio, but it's a pain to start and stop, to move from one machine to another, and I can't burn to cd from streaming media. audible.com charges significant fees for downloadable versions of radio programs, like $2.95 for one episode of All Things Considered, and even that isn't released until many many hours after the news is tired. TellTallWeekly has micro-fees for audio content, but, ahem, most of it is either unknown or dead authors. I want to listen to news and commentary while I'm falling asleep, or driving, or, notably, driving in between major radio markets.

Podcasting is exactly what I've been looking for. A few NPR shows and a few BBC shows have started podcasting -- this is just the same sort of content that I'd be willing to pay, and have in fact paid for. I just find the feeds I want, add them to my iPodder subscriptions, then poof! The latest episode will appear in iTunes, and from there, on my iPod.

So, I'm a late early adopter on this one. Still definitely an early adopter as related to the world at large, but my big brother was doing this six months ago. I'm finding the technology just when I want it, just when I want more free downloadable current spoken word audio content.

Can anyone explain why I'm awake at six am? Perhaps listening to a BBC podcast entitled "the Cambrian Explosion" will help me sleep.

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