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don't want to stop coding

I don't want to stop coding. It's past 11 on sunday night; I'm meeting a co-worker for coffee at 9 am to make sure I get out of bed at a reasonable time... The reasonable course of action would be to stop coding and get ready for bed. But! I have five open P2's, and code freeze is tomorrow at noon... That's not really the reason. The reason I still want to code is because there are things that are broken that I can fix.

There are runtime warnings that come from platform code, ie, OpenLaszlo. Changing the platform has more process than changing the application, so I want to get these taken care of tonight. The other runtime warnings, I know Scott will give me a hard time about... and rightfully so. Warnings are a sign that something is not entirely right. I want things to be entirely right!

Isn't it strange, though, that it's six times harder to make changes to the non-revenue-generating product (OpenLaszlo) than it is to make changes to the revenue-generating product (laszlomail)?

So, are we back to the "I write code to meet external demands" point of view? No. I write code, I am now writing code, because I want to make it better. Because I don't want to see those 1-pixel errors on the live site. I write code because I'd rather sleep less tonight and have a better product tomorrow, then sleep enough tonight and have a bunch of 1-pixel errors tomorrow.

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