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experimenting with amazon associates

I'm experimenting with Amazon Associates, to see how it looks and feels to have click-thru recommendations in my blog. My blog readers are precious, and I don't want to waste your screen space or attention with google adwords. If I post a link in my blog, it's a link to something that I care about, and something that I think deserves a couple hundred pixels. Plus, I get a kickback of some small fraction of your purchase price. So, here we go:
Unix Power Tools is the best book on unix/linux that I've ever read. It's 1200 pages of little tiny superpowerful unix tricks. I bought this book twice (maybe gave the first one to my brother?) and it's worth buying over and over and over. It's the best parts of the best O'Reilly books. These little articles present just one thing, and you will learn something valuable even if all you read is that one thing. Knowing how to use "ls -ltr | tail -10" has probably saved me many hours of poking around, and "find . -name" is crucial for navigating deep source trees.

Let me know what you think of having these little ads.

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