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over-caffeinated, or, the hazards of being friendly with java juice employees

Today I went on an afternoon fructose run, and treated myself to a matcha shot. That's powdered green tea in one or two ounces of fresh orange juice. One shot is supposed to be 75 mg, two shots is 150. I am a caffeine lightweight, so I usually get just one shot and drink half of it. I think this is one of the tastiest low-sugar ways to self-medicate with caffeine; I can't stand the sucralose/aspartame/red #5/natural and artificial flavors "energy drinks." I've indulged in this treat enough to make friends with one of the employees at the Jamba near the office, and today I think she must have given me a free double, or triple, or something, because it's seven hours later and I'm still rather caffeinated. Er, thank you? I think?

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