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a free day for coding!

It's the friday after thanksgiving and have three days to do whatever I want! I want to code. The question is, what should I code? I could dive into a fairly bad set of Laszlo Mail bugs; I've got seven P1's blocking the next milestone. I could learn Ruby on Rails, although I don't have a project I want to implement with it, so let's rule that out. I could return to my Delicious Library laszlo application. I could look at some OpenLaszlo platform issues. I could work on a book chapter I've committed to writing for an early january deadline. I could go back to my skunkworks project that will dramatically improve Laszlo Mail usability.
How to choose? I want to do something that will be fun to do and that will give me that happy coding feeling. (Code is my favorite mood-altering experience, in case that wasn't clear already.) The P1 bugs and platform performance issues sort of fill me with dread. The skunkworks usability project, though, that's exciting. When I demonstrated a prototype a few weeks ago, people were really excited about it. Probably traditional software engineering values would say, quality before features, contractually-required features before strategic features before just cool features... but I say, bah! It's my three days, and I know I'll be spending the rest of November and December on quality and contractually-required features. So, I'm going to dive into the fun usability project, and get back to the bugs saturday or sunday.

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