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quick & easy installation (4:47 remaining)

I'm in my "one week, no software configuration" blackout, but a Mandriva Linux 2006 install cd fell into my linux box's cd-rom drive a few days ago, and when I restarted, it booted from the cd and asked very nicely from which media I would like to install. My local linux guru told me that installation would be super and wonderful and good, so I hit install. Ah, apparently the whole install was not on the cd. The installer asks if it can go out to the web to get the rest of the pieces. I say, okay sure. A few clicks later, I was looking at delightful illustrations of penguins and promo text reading "Quick & Easy Installation!" At the bottom of the screen there's a long progress bar captioned, "Time Remaining 4:47." Yes, hours. Arg! Apparently it's got a whole lot of bits to download.
The question now is, do I cancel the installation so I can get work done tonight?
I tried to cancel the install both by hitting the "Cancel" button and the "Exit Installation" button. There's no indication that it got my click for a few minutes, and then a content-free large grey rectangle appears. A few more minutes go by, and it's replaced by a progress output list labeled "Installing" that lists all of the packages its installing. I told it to cancel!.
"Time Remaining 01:02"
"Time Remaining 01:04"
I am now rather pleased with my habit of daily backups to alternate media.

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