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implemented code is nine-tenths of the law

Sarah Allen, the director of the Laszlo applications group, told our team about a planning exercise: give everyone on the team a hundred dollars, assign relative costs to features and open bugs, and let the team members "buy" features. At the end of the exercise, the features which have been paid for go on the "to do now" list, and the others wait for later. Our graphic designer, Peter Andrea, asked, "What about stealing? I want to steal features." "That's what weekends are for," Sarah responded.

Similarly, Sarah told me the first eight hours of work she does a day are what Laszlo needs done; after that, she does the work that she wants to do. Quite a lot of the time, what I want to do is the same as what Laszlo needs done; this is just about the definition of "the perfect job for me." When what I want to do isn't quite what Laszlo needs done, I work weekends. As our CTO, David Temkin, said yesterday, "implemented code is nine-tenths of the law."

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