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a beautiful morning in bed with my mac

This is just silly amounts of niceness. I went to sleep at bedtime watching 24 season 3 on my powerbook on my bedside table, after a snack of nutella and cream cheese on graham crackers. I woke up at 6 am and watched another hour of 24... then I found myself downloading software for my mac. I gave in to the urges, and I've spent the last hour just downloading and installing new software -- from bed!

It's so much easier to download and install software on the mac. I hope I can find the dvd with my huge backup. Of course I have other backups, but the easiest would be to just get it all off my one dvd backup. And I have to rip all my music again -- but this is sort of good, because last time I ripped as if I had infinite disk space. 30 gb is not infinite disk space.

I also can't exactly find my 5 gb firewire drive. This is a problem with shrinking peripherals.

Now... another little nap before I wake up, I think. Yummy.

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