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Maher and Moore beg Nader not to run

On the first episode of Bill Maher's new HBO show, Michael Moore and Bill Maher got down on their knees and begged Nader not to run. He demurred.

Thanks, guys. It was worth a try.

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A RARE post. There isn't much talk of politics at Siggraph, not at least on the exhibition floor. One year in Tampa Silicon Graphics had an exhibit that talked about the surveillance ability of U.S. goverment satellites, that was brief.
Nader had a website where the general public was asked to comment on whether he should run this election.
Since I voted for him in the last two elections, I took the opportunity to tell him not to run this year.
After a few months into the election campaign, it is apparent I was wrong. We as a nation still desperately need to hear about the issues that both Republicans and Democrats refuse to raise. As a democrat it is disappointing that a candidate's wife doesn't know it doesn't take that much courage to tell off the press at large if you're rich.

Pamela Curry, Motion Picture Film Director in Training/Webmaster/Creator Film Studio Faux. The website has been "unattended" because in the past few months I've gotten funded, somewhat, to build my own Guerilla Studio.

8.9.2004 at 06:56 AM | Unregistered Commenterhazelflagg

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