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something's about to happen

There are some talks I could go to tomorrow, because my flight isn't until 4, but I think what I really need to do is go to a bookstore/cafe and just write. There are things I need to figure out. It's bedtime, now, and I shouldn't go into it, and by the time I get back to Providence, it will be time to fall asleep in a major way.

Learning Maya seems to be a necessity. Mel scripting. I think I annoyed the author of a book on Mel scripting; I was trying to get a complete understanding of how Maya and Mel fit together, what audience they're for, what the end products are. This is how I can learn, yes? Asking lots of people who know things lots of questions, and incorporating what they know into my knowledge. So today I was learning about Maya and jobs in effects.

What if I think of my next few months of work as making a demo reel, and learning skills for my resume? Well, the problem there is that I need to be simultaneously doing a good job at my job. It could all go together -- it would be nice if it did: I could do good work, learning new skills, producing good work as work and work qua demo reel. All of this targeting... switching jobs within the next year.

My main goals, as I currently understand them:

  1. Maintain and improve my health, especially emotional and physical health

  2. Be near Zeb and Isaac and Dan and Mel. Be part of their family. Be a good aunt to Zeb. What's the boundary between "extended family" and just "family?"

  3. Become financially stable: out of debt, have a secure income and health insurance, regularly contribute to long-term savings

Those are the goals. Tomorrow, I figure out how to get there.

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