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losing things

I have somehow lost my siggraph credentials. After browsing the exhibit floor, I sat outside Guerilla Studios and looked over the brochures I'd gotten. Did I leave my credentials with the last person who swiped my card? Unlikely; I'm pretty sure I had it when I got on the bus, where an Electronic Arts recruiter started up a conversation with Josh. "Brown University? My sons went to Brown!" Did I tie my shoes? I remember tying my shoes a lot. Probably the cards dropped out of the nametag-pouch when I tied my shoes.

Anyways, this leaves me in a bit of a state. I'm leaving Thursday afternoon, so I just need credentials for Wednesday. Tomorrow morning, Cassidy Curtis is giving a talk on Grafifiti Archaelogy, and I really want to hear it. Probably if I get there on time, Cassidy can get me in. Which leaves the rest of the day. I'd been planning to see Emerging Technologies. I really need to see it, if I'm going to justify the thousands of dollars spent on this trip. And I need to do the other half of the exhibit floor. So, yes, I'm going to have to spend $75 and get an "Exhibits Plus" pass.

The horrifying thing is that I also lost my credentials at my second siggraph, in 1994. Then the "Exhibits Plus" pass was just $35.

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