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Maya, Color course, Danah

I spent the morning doing Maya tutorials and feeling vaguely guilty about not being in a technical session. I made a nice bump-mapped orange, and got my head scanned. I look pretty much the way I think I look. It didn't capture my hair at all though, except for the stuff right at the front. I want to make a complete model of my head, with, you know, a back and everything, but I don't have the Maya skills yet to do it.

I spent the afternoon talking to Danah Boyd. She's a total pleasure. I'm so honored to have her as a friend. We talked about how we'd known eachother for eight years and had both changed tremendously, but still like eachother. Pretty amazing; we outgrow so many friends, but Danah and I fit.

I went to Maureen Stone's Color in Information Display course this afternoon, and had an idea: figure out the gamut of the CAVE projectors, then determine good colors for VR text annotations by analyzing the image behind the text and computing a color for the text that will be contrasting enough to read, but not so contrasting that ti's distracting.

Tomorrow I'm going to Emerging Technologiesand the exhibition. I'm ready for the bright shiny lights.

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