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geek survival kit

Lately I have been having entirely too much fun with duct tape, velcro, and surplus electronics. I've been connecting everything to everything else. The two best examples of the last 24 hours:
-- a wireless keyboard duct-taped to a belt, making a wearable keyboard for use in vr. We took some pretty silly pictures of this; apparently it has a glam-rock aspect that RISD students can't get enough of.
-- a super-cheap dvd player, my ipod, and an walkman radio hooked up to my tv -- a complete home entertainment system that would just about fit in a backpack.

I think I should make it a point to always have the following supplies on hand:
* velcro
* duct tape
* utility knife or leatherman
* cable ties
* blank cd-r's
* earbud headphones
* dark chocolate
* aa batteries
* an unread issue of the ny times magazine, harper's digest, the economist, science news, or the atlantic monthly
* aleve

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