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Anti-Grain Geometry -

Anti-Grain Geometry - is a super-platform-independent rendering engine for C++.

I'm in LOVE.

Have I mentioned that I'm in LOVE? Cross-platform C++ anti-aliased graphics. Really cross-platform! like G3D!

This fits into the saga -- I'm trying to dynamicly generate textures based on a simulation of fluid flow, to make a cutting plane with a painterly representation. I want an imaging library... and I want to be able to develop on windows and linux. Nothing else will do.

Meanwhile, I'm also trying to get GLSL going on my tablet. This is apparently a bit tricky. I'm kind of going in two directions at once: I could work on getting GLSL going on my tablet, and go straight to writing a shader to generate a texture dynamicly, or I could first generate the texture traditionally -- on the CPU, not the GPU. I imagine debugging will be much easier if I develop on the CPU first.

I am having SO MUCH FUN. I am doing this because it DELIGHTS me! I made a rake in VR today -- a streamline generating rake. In 1992 I helped one of the graphics group members by typing for him when his wrists were giving out -- he was working on building a streamline-generating rake for analyzing fluid flow around the space shuttle. Now I'm doing it myself.

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What's the performance like? Are you happy with speed?

10.4.2004 at 10:39 AM | Unregistered Commentermetamerist

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