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I made it to SIGGRAPH with remarkably trouble-free travel, even though I overslept by an hour. Flying direct from Logan (Boston) is much much better than flying from Providence to Chicago/Dallas/St.Louis/Memphis/GenericMidwestHub. We made the trip in five and a half hours, then sat on the tarmac for 20 minutes waiting for a gate to open up.

This morning I attended Sketches: Artistic Depiction but got there late and only saw a paper on physical simulation of viscous paint for painting with a virtual brush.

Now I'm in Seeing, Hearing, and Touching: Putting It All Together, a course led in part by Tamara Munzner, a very nice, talented woman whom I met wey way back in 1996 or so, at SIGGRAPH. She was working on a project involving a technique for turning a sphere inside out without having to actually make any folds. It involved a twist, and something about seventeen. Anyways, this course is interesting so far: kind of pushing Edward Tufte into VR, explained by a very intelligent woman, related to cognitive science. I'll stop blogging and start listening now :)

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